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Meet Suzy

A.K.A Lady Red Hawk

Suzy Peltier, aka Lady Red Hawk, has served the Goddess and the principle of Wholism for over thirty years as an Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church, Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Wiccan Priestess, and founder of the twenty-six-year-old Neo-Wiccan Tradition of Taoist Wicca and the author of the upcoming book entitled: "Discovering Taoist Wicca & The Wisdom of the Seasons"


Author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs: Discovering Taoist Wicca. 

Certified Hypnotherapist

Reiki Master Teacher

 Clinically-trained, State Certified Massage Therapist

Interfaith Minister

Psychic/Spiritual Counselor

Wiccan Priestess and Founder of the Taoist Wiccan Tradition

Internet Radio Host


Wellness Consultant

Upcoming Classes & Events


Five Star Yelp and Goggle Rating



About twenty-six years ago, Suzy began to apply her background in medical anthropology to pursue a burning question: "How are rituals used for healing?" To answer this question, she established a women's ritual circle, which lasted seven years. Skipping just one sabbat, she went on to found the Dragon Spirit Taoist Wiccan All-Gender Circle, which continues to this day with practitioners and small circles across the U.S. From this experience, was born the vision and "new tradition" of Taoist Wicca and her forthcoming book series as well as the Exclusive Circle Materials for sale as downloads on this site.


Her Internet radio shows include: 

Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs. Internet Radio Shows in Archive, hosted by Suzy Peltier aka Lady Red Hawk.

Hidden Connections: Exploring the Body, Mind Spirit Complex (see "My episode" page.


Discovering Taoist Wicca internet radio show airs around each sabbat 

YouTube channel:

Audio Book Series

Suzy Peltier
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She has logged over 10,000 clinically supervised hours and has extensive experience in Bay Area chiropractic and acupuncture clinics, as well as in spa and private practice.


She holds a B.A. in Holistic Health from New College of Ca. where she studied comparative Eastern and Western medical models. This training allows her to create treatment plans with practitioners of other disciplines.


This training has also laid the foundation for her work on Taoist Wicca and her forthcoming book series. the first of which is titled: Discovering Taoist Wicca & the Wisdom of the Seasons.


Suzy has been featured as a guest lecturer for the M.S Society on pain and stress management and served as a Curriculum Adviser for the CMT program at Bryman College, often speaking to massage therapy students on such subjects as: Pain-specific modalities, Body/Mind Integration; the Wholistic Principle; Reiki and other energy techniques. She has taught Reiki to many of the massage practitioners of Kabuki Springs and Spa.


Suzy is one of an increasing number of Non-Traditional Reiki Master Teachers who believe that well-being is a birthright that must be affordable and accessible to all who will honor and use the energy. She regularly offers Reiki and Chakra classes at reasonable rates as part of my dedication to the healing arts.


As an Interfaith Minister of the Universal Life Church with over twenty years of experience and a Third Degree Wiccan Priestess has created and performed ceremonies meeting many tastes and needs. In addition to classes in Wicca and shamanism, she works with individuals to create rituals, ceremonies, and soul retrievals that support their healing process and help them maintain balance once healing has been achieved.


Rituals can be used to mark important life transitions, such as marriage, birth, coming of age, and becoming an elder. My interest and experience in this area is inspired by my anthropology background, which has given me a deep respect for the use of ritual both for healing and for building community.


In addition to her B.A. in Integrated Health Studies, Suzy is also a graduate of Amma School of Massage in San Francisco and the KcKinnen School of Massage in Oakland. She studied Hypnotherapy at Marylin Gordon's School of Hypnotherapy and takes courses with Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis.

Address and Workspace


40 Los Palmos Dr. 

San Francisco CA. 94127


I endeavor to create an oasis where my clients can relax and put aside their concerns.
The consultation space is arranged to seat us 6 feet apart to comply with social distancing guidelines. 

Suzy Peltier Workspace
Suzy Peltier Workspace
Suzy Peltier Workspace
Suzy Peltier Workspace
Suzy Peltier Workspace
Suzy Peltier Workspace
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