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Massage Therapy

My approach to massage is clinical and therapeutic. 


Touch is deeply nurturing and life-affirming. It can address a wide variety of needs,
from healing to prevention.


I will personalize each session to meet your needs and goals. Each session is a sacred space for transformation. Rapport, intuition, compassion, and respect for process guide my approach to each client and aid the journey through the body into the self.

zen elements flowers and stones

Benefits of bodywork include:

  • Relaxation and stress management

  • Drug-free pain relief

  • Facilitation of healing

  • Promotion of blood circulation, lymph, and ki (vital energy)

  • Improved flexibility, mobility, and posture

  • Increased focus, awareness, performance, creativity, vitality and self-esteem

  • Complementary to other forms of care such as chiropractic, acupuncture, psychotherapy, dentistry and Western medical treatments with or without medication.

  • Supplemental support of recovery programs dealing with all phases of addiction

  • Access to self-truth and body-wisdom by restoring the respectful "trialogue" between body, mind and spirit

  • Comfort during pregnancy

  • Personal empowerment with skills you can use at home and work


Massage often relieves headache; jaw tension (TMJ); muscle and nervous tension; neck, back, shoulder, hip and leg pain from sports-, car- and work-related injuries; and chronic conditions. Massage facilitates recovery from surgeries. Bodywork may also relieve repetitive motion problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, as well as central nervous system imbalances reflected in anxiety, insomnia and depression.

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Natural Soap
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