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Reiki & Other Classes

All workshops and courses require a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation. When you attend, your deposit will be applied to your tuition.

Thank you for your understanding.


Please e-mail to register or for more details call (415) 452-9730

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Reiki writing in Japanese


The popularity of "Energy Medicine" is growing. Reiki is a healing system that uses the "laying on of hands" to promote healing and balance. It can also be performed in the energy field (aura), or at a distance without actual contact.


It is often experienced as a relaxing warmth or tingling. The benefits are appropriate to the needs. For example, if you are cold you will begin to warm up or if an area is tense it will begin to relax.

Reiki combines two Japanese words, "Rei" for "Universal" and "ki" for "vital life force energy." Reiki was discovered and named by Japanese scholar Mikao Usui. During his research, Dr. Usui uncovered symbols in the Tibetan Sutras that open energy pathways (ki meridians) to allow a healing and balancing energy to flow automatically, treating both giver and receiver alike.

"Give a healing, get a healing" is the best way to understand Reiki. Once you have it, you can give it for yourself, loved ones, kids, friends, family, co-workers, pets, and plants -- any living thing! This universal energy is profoundly wise and addresses the source of an imbalance, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Reiki does not replace medicine but enhances all other healing art forms and treatment methods. 


Many notable hospitals use Reiki, including Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, and Cancer Centers of America. Furthermore, Reiki is being used in various ways, from the operating room to recovery, and the treatment of PTSD and cancer. 


In his article Dr. James Lake, a leading psychiatrist and researcher in Integrative Medicine, cites the efficacy of Reiki against placebo and other energy treatments for stress. In his article, Dr. Lake states:


Reiki is a particular healing frequency activated by an "attunement" performed by a Reiki Master. During an attunement, the symbols found in the Tibetan Sutras are planted in the person's auric field. Once placed, Reiki is there for life. Each progressive attunement further aligns the Chakras and opens the ki meridians to accommodate a greater flow of energy.

Shamanic Journey

Since the Paleolithic times, shamans were the healers, seers, herbalists, and spiritual leaders of their tribes. These medicine men and women used a particular trance technique called a shamanic journey to solve problems, heal, and receive insights on behalf of the tribe and its members.  A shamanic journey is a trance induced by drums or rattles to access "non-ordinary reality." This state is often called "the Astral plane," and it is a form of consciousness that experiences the Unseen realm of power animals, and spirit guides that offer help, guidance, and healing.


Basic Shamanic Journey skills

Learn the skill of the shamanic journey- Everything you need to get started. This is an easy process to learn and can be used for problem-solving, healing work, acquiring power animals and spirit guides, and building the skills needed for more complex shamanic work such as "soul retrieval."


Intermediate Shamanic Journey skills

Deepen your understanding of the basic skills and principles of shamanism, such as: setting sacred space, clarifying intention, building and deepening relationships with the Unseen allies, and exploring the principles underlying the shamanic worldview. This class will help you prepare for the work of journeying for others and is a prerequisite for the Soul Retrieval class and Soul Theft class.


Advanced Shamanic Journey Skills: Soul Retrieval and Soul Theft

(Required prerequisites: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills and Intermediate class.)
Dealing with negative forces takes extra care and training. This class is geared toward practitioners who need advanced training in Soul Retrieval and banishing entities. Shamans view the "spirit" as the essence that continues from one incarnation to the next. The "soul" is the essence that defines us in this particular incarnation. The "Shadow powers" are considered "lost soul parts" because they are pieces of our authentic selves that were frozen in traumatic experiences, lost or stolen soul parts. It is as if they are frozen in time due to poor modeling, traumatic experiences, or harsh socialization involving ridicule, judgment, intolerance, and perfectionism, along with the many other illusions that tell us we are separate from our Source.


"Soul theft" is more serious, as it comes from malicious acts such as curses, hexes, outright physical or emotional abuse, or any other intentional cruelty. Whether through soul loss or soul theft, the result is that we forget or are robbed of our authenticity,  and with it, the fundamental recognition of our inherent Divinity and personal power. 

Discovering Taoist Wicca and the Wisdom of the Seasons Workshop

In this workshop, Suzy Peltier, aka Lady Red Hawk, 3rd Degree Wiccan Priestess and founder of the Taoist Wiccan Tradition, explores this Wiccan self-coaching system in-depth. She shares this system called "Taoist Wicca" in-depth in her  book titled, " Discovering Taoist Wicca & the Wisdom of the Seasons." By mixing Wiccan ritual with Taoist principles, and Chakra wisdom, this system transforms the Wheel of the Year into a self-coaching tool for healing and growth. See how a process of applied introspection can open the sabbats as thematic and energetic connections between the body, mind, and spirit: the Unseen, ourselves, and our planet.


Chakra Classes

Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or vortex.  We have 7 major Chakras that operate as a thematic link to the body's endocrine system.  Functioning much like a hard drive, Chakras help us integrate life themes such as survival, sexuality, power, love, truth, creativity, and wisdom.  This basic class covers energetic theories and strengthens perceptions through meditation and practice.

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