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Taoist Wicca is a spiritual self-coaching tool and ritual calendar system for personal growth and cultural change. Used by real people with real results since 1993, this system mixes ritual with Taoist principles and Chakra wisdom to transform the Wiccan Wheel of the Year into a seasonal self-coaching and ritual practice to create the life you want.

See how a process of applied introspection can open the sabbats as windows onto the thematic and energetic connections between the body, mind, and spirit: the Unseen, ourselves, and our planet.

The ancients followed seasonal patterns to grow food. You and your friends can use this annual cycle for self-cultivation: to develop a spiritual practice while managing stress and manifesting tangible goals.


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Hidden Connections: Spiritual Self-Coaching and Seasonal Contemplations continues the cross-cultural journey of self-cultivation with in-depth conceptual explorations of each sabbat in the agricultural calendar to complement the practice of Taoist Wicca presented in Suzy Peltier’s first book, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs: Discovering Taoist Wicca.


Hidden Connections can stand alone or be used with your current spiritual system. When used together, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs and Hidden Connections presents the complete practice of Taoist Wicca.


Hidden Connections explores the question, “Why is it so hard to heal?” from the perspectives of Wicca, Taoism, and the Hindu Chakras to expose and heal our cracked cultural mirror and unlock the hidden connections between stress and illness, the Unseen, ourselves, and the seasons.


Hidden Connections: Spiritual Self-Coaching and Seasonal Contemplations provides daily support and timely guidance to help you heal, manifest your dreams, and cultivate your inner hero the world needs right now!      

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