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Wiccan Priestess

Wicca hand symbol

Did you just get engaged or did a loved one just cross over?

I am an Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church. I am also a Third Degree Wiccan Priestess and Shaman, known as Lady Red Hawk.


I believe spirituality is a personal expression. It is my job
to help you express that vision in a ceremony or to provide
spiritual counseling for a variety of life experiences.
I have years of experience creating and performing
personalized rituals and legal ceremonies. I can even
help you plan the event if you need some extra help
or an experienced eye.

  • Personalize and Perform your Wedding ceremony

  • Personalize and Perform a Memorial for your loved one

  • Prepare for a birth or death

  • Cleanse and bless your home or office

  • Perform rites of passage: into manhood, womanhood
    or becoming an elder

  • Find personal clarity and make important decisions

  • Build your own spiritual practice

  • Name your baby

  • Honor your Divorce

  • Hospital and Hospice visits

  • Spiritual Counseling

Suzy Peltier image with wicca drums and symbol

As an Interfaith Minister inclusion is my highest priority.
I draw eclectically from various belief systems to meet the individual needs of my clients, including indigenous healing practices including Taoism, Buddhism, Wicca, Shamanism, and a Unitarian Universalist vision of Christianity. These systems all honor the Divinity within each of us and see nature’s cycles as mirrors for the cycles in our lives.

Taoist wicca symbol

Taoist Wicca 

Taoist Wicca uses the Wheel of the Year as a spiritual

self-coaching and ritual calendar system for personal

insight and growth. This system is a process of applied

introspection that sees the seasons and the sabbats (holidays)

as thematic and energetic connections between the body, mind and spirit:
the Unseen, ourselves and our planet.

Dragon Spirit Taoist Wiccan Circle, our Mother Circle is located in the Bay Area. It is primarily a Sabbat Circle. However, we do host Moon Rites for those who want to experience the work. This practice is not intended as dogma, but to offer an avenue of spiritual inquiry and creative expression. If you are interested in finding out more, subscribing to the Circle email list or want to chat please contact me.

More on Taoist Wicca can be seen here:

As well as the services shown above, I also serve as an auxiliary Chaplin for UCSF

Medical Center offering Reiki and spiritual support to patients and their families, including hospice visits. I believe spirituality is a personal expression. 


In our Western culture, we have largely lost touch with the power of ritual, valuing instead our rational, scientific models of understanding ourselves and the world.
This absence has left many of us ill-equipped to deal with major life transitions such as becoming a mother, entering or leaving a marriage or coping with grief and loss.


By acknowledging the language and wisdom of the imagination, we can use creative expression to reconnect with the deepest parts of ourselves. Whether through poetry, dance, music, or chanting, the mixture of art and ritual can help restore the cohesion of body, mind and spirit, not only for the individual, but also for the larger community. Ritual enlarges our vocabulary for understanding and articulating our spiritual experiences. It also helps us create a sacred context for those experiences.


As an extension of my dedication to healing and empowerment, I have devoted considerable time to studying and incorporating ritual into my life and into the life of my community. As a healer I was exploring ritual as an underutilized healing tool. Twenty-five years ago, I established the Dragon Spirit Taoist Wiccan circle centered in San Francisco Ca. I am pleased to say that,  although I did not intended to build a new tradition it continues to grow, with practitioners and small circles across the U.S. and as far as Ireland, France and Peru. From this experience was born the vision and “new tradition” of Taoist Wicca and my book titled: "Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs: Discovering Taoist Wicca."

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