Psychic/Spiritual Consultations

A psychic reading gives you information, but not necessarily a solution. On the other hand, processes such as Chakra balancing, psychic clearing or healing focuses on removing the obstacles, rebalancing the energy as well as providing psychic information. Once the energy is free and moving, the solutions, insights and healing can surface.  


I use Reiki Energy because it allows me to do both a reading and a clearing at the same time. Reiki also allows me to tune into my client's spirit, and to anyone else's spirit or energy who might be involved, even if we are not face to face. With Reiki, I can also work with the living and with those who have passed on. I also help people who have passed but are not resting peacefully.


Our life experiences, and even our past life experiences, can leave an imprint or energetic residue causing physical, emotional and/or spiritual discomfort, emotional pain or even physical disease. Since we live in a culture that doesn't acknowledge life force energy, few people learn how to take personal responsibility for their psychic space or understand their true impact on others. The result is that we don't culturally or personally recognize psychic boundaries.


I call this The Right of Psychic Dominion. Lacking this vital understanding, we also lack the tools to enforce this inherent psychic sovereignty. We can easily take on the energy of others, or vise versa. My specialty is my ability to clear energy entanglements and restore this sovereignty by returning the rightful energy to the rightful owner.


A simple example, is just how long it takes to shake off the bad feeling after someone "flipped you off " in traffic. This bad feeling can take a while to dissipate. Now, think of relationships you have had, even with those who have passed on, or ex-lovers who have left your life for one reason or another. If you are feeling stuck, lost or have unresolved issues, the root of these feelings may be clumps of energy, either missing from you, or bits of the other person's energy still stuck in your psychic space.

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Either way, no one can run on anyone else's energy. It is of no help to "take on" anyone else's energy, even with the intention of lightening their burden. This is because each person has a signature frequency of energy that is unique to them. When a foreign energy enters our field we can't use it. So, it becomes trapped, like debris slowly clogging the natural flow of a river.


The result of this energetic disruption can range from mild to acute, depending on the degree of entanglement. The good news is, that once you have your psychic dominion restored, the turmoil can lift. The resulting clarity allows solutions to situations in your life to surface organically, from the center of your own being, not weighed down by other people's energy or demands.


Simple to access, by phone or Skype, this is a drug-free alternative, or can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities. Issues known to Western Medicine as Enmeshment, Transference, Clinical Depression, Anxiety, or extended grief can all be signs of an energetic disharmony. Not only is this kind of work terrific for restoring balance, it is great for preventing illnesses because everything starts as energy, before it hardens into a mental or physical illness.

Spiritual Counseling/Coaching​

As an Interfaith Minister and Wiccan Priestess my job is to hold space for spiritual inquiry that can arise from life's challenges. Spiritual Coaching is similar to Life Coaching, but I use my intuitive skills, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and work within your spiritual belief system to create a practical approach to your life. This holistic approach addresses you as a whole person: body, mind and spirit. This work is perfect for people facing spiritual dilemmas, those who want to live a "more spiritual life," or for those for whom spirit is an inextricable part of life.

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