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Memorials & More

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 I am an Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church, Third Degree Wiccan Priestess, and Shaman.

I draw eclectically from various belief systems, including Taoism, Buddhism, Wicca, Christianity, Jewish, and other indigenous healing practices and spiritual systems. These systems all honor the Divinity within each of us and see nature’s cycles as mirrors for the cycles in our lives.


As well as the services are shown below, I also serve as an auxiliary Chaplin for UCSF Medical Center, offering Reiki and spiritual support to patients and their families, including hospice visits. I believe spirituality is a personal expression, and I can provide spiritual counseling for a variety of life experiences as well as create and perform personalized rituals and legal ceremonies.

  • Memorials

  • Hospital and Hospice visits

  • Honoring your Divorce

  • Prepare for a birth or death

  • Cleanse and bless your home or office

  • Perform rites of passage: into manhood,
    womanhood or becoming an elder

  • Find personal clarity and make important decisions

  • Build your own spiritual practice

  • Name your baby


In our Western culture, we have largely lost touch with the power of ritual, valuing our rational, scientific models of understanding ourselves and the world instead. This absence has left many of us ill-equipped to deal with major life transitions such as becoming a mother, entering or leaving a marriage or coping with grief and loss.


By acknowledging the language and wisdom of the imagination we can use creative expression to reconnect with the deepest parts of ourselves. Whether through poetry, dance, music, or chanting, the mixture of art and ritual can help restore the cohesion of body, mind and spirit, not only for the individual but also for the larger community. Ritual enlarges our vocabulary for understanding and articulating our experiences. It helps us create a sacred context for those experiences.

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