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New health benefits of massage therapy as demonstrated in study done by the Buck Institute in Novato and McMaster University in Canada, appears in the Feb. 1 online edition of Science Translational Medicine. It shows that massage reduces inflammation, promotes the growth of new mitochondria in skeletal muscle and reduces muscle pain.

Therapeutic Approaches  
Whether you come in for relaxation, healing or for personal transformation, I will use my skills and training to help you mobilize your own resources to achieve the results you desire.

With this in mind, I will work with you to personalize each session for optimal results. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city and a cup of tea as we discuss exactly what you want to address in your session(s). During the interview section of the session you can decide if you would like massage, hypnotherapy, Reiki or a combined approach. We will work together to achieve your goals.

I have training in the following styles:

Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach aimed at creating positive changes in your life. By relaxing the body and the conscious mind, we can rewrite old negative programming, reframe painful experiences and access inner wisdom. I have advanced training in medical hypnotherapy, which deals with the minds ability to facilitate healing and control pain.

Massage/Bodywork Styles

Shiatsu (No oil, clothing optional)
Zen and Osaka-style. Japanese Acupressure uses the Asian medical model of "vital life force energy," or "ki" (chi or qi in Chinese), which flows through "points" or "gates" along "meridians" (energy freeways) that interconnect the organs. All pain and illness begin as an energetic disruption, or "stagnation," of ki.

Acupressure, as the name implies, accurately uses pressure (not needles) to free the ki, thus restoring harmony. Different point combinations and strokes are used for different situations.

Zen-style involves using the palm of the hand and/or long, sustained pressure to methodically free the ki to calm the system.

Osaka-style involves using staccato and percussive strokes to stimulate the system.

Swedish (Done with oil)
The best known of the massage styles, the Swedish approach incorporates the use of long strokes toward the heart emphasizing circulation and muscle relaxation.

Craniosacral and Orthobionomy (No oil, clothing optional)
These systems work by following the wisdom of the body. Soft tissue connections are released and the central nervous system is rebalanced. Subtle, gentle pressure and positioning are used. These styles encourage a deep sense of safety, allowing the body to relax on its own.


(Clothed unless combined with massage)

Since Reiki deals with energy it can be performed either by laying on hands or just above the body in the person's energy (auric) field.

This form of energy work comes through the practitioner’s hands and enhances all other bodywork styles. Reiki uses a wise, compassionate and harmonizing energy often experienced by the recipient as warmth or tingling. Reiki facilitates relaxation and healing, while promoting the integration of body, mind and spirit. (See Reiki page for more details.)

On-site Mini Massage

Even brief relaxation can improve stamina, enhance productivity and ease office dynamics. With the use of a special massage chair, I can address head, neck, shoulder and low back tension in a 20 minute mini massage session performed in an office environment. Mini massage makes a great perk for regular stress management, as well as a personalized thank you for a job well done.

It is not my intention to "diagnose and treat." Please consult your doctor.

Our work together is always professional, private and confidential.

Suzy Peltier - Licensed Massage Therapist

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